「The Art of Happiness」①

「The Art of Happiness」(HH DaLAI LAMA & HOWORD C .CUTLER)

This book is very important to me.I read it over and over again.I will cite important sentences.

“I should mention that when we speak of a calm state of mind or peace of mind, we shouldn’t confuse that with a totally insensitive, apathetic state of mind. Having a calm or peaceful state of mind doesn’t mean being totally spaced out or completely empty. Peace of mind or a calm state of mind is rooted in affection and compassion. There is a very high level of sensitivity and feeling there.” (p15)

◎Good Question
I asked, “If happiness is simply a matter of cultivating more positive mental states like kindness and so on, why are so many people unhappy?”(p28)

through many previous lifetimes, certain things may arise, like anger or attachment.(p29)


“Achieving genuine happiness may require bringing about a transformation in your outlook, your way of thinking, and this is not a simple matter,” he said. “It requires the application of so many different factors from different directions.You shouldn’t have the notion, for instance, that there is just one key, a secret,”

“in order to achieve happiness, you need a variety of approaches and methods to deal with and overcome the varied and complex negative mental states.And if you are seeking to overcome certain negative ways of thinking, it is not possible to accomplish that simply by adopting a particular thought or practicing a technique once or twice. Change takes time.”

“There are a lot of negative mental traits, so you need to address and counteract each one of these. That isn’t easy.”